Some very sunny pictures for a very sunny day. Ian and I had a glorious Los Angeles day. Some days I don't want to live in LA at all, and other days, when we actually get out and do things, I am very thankful to live here. Today we hit up Sqirl for breakfast, which I'm sure if you have looked at any kind of "Things to Do in LA" lists, Sqirl is at the top. It's just really really good. Also many dogs, would recommend. We then meandered down to the Silverlake Flea Market and found some really cool sellers--I need to go back when I have actual money in my bank account. Then we went to Secret Headquarters which is an amazing comic book store at Sunset Junction. The rest of the day was spent on walks and naps. Weekends with Ian are very nice because it gives me a chance to chill out and not worry so much about "what I am going to do with my life." Because believe me, most days are spent doing that.
So this outfit is a good one, I think. This skirt was thrifted from my favorite Goodwill back home and it reminds me of blooms and love. The necklace has been in my closet for years...I think my mom got it at a Flea Market. Most importantly though, are these scarves tied around my arms. Since Carrie Bradshaw was my muse this week, I wanted to honor her amazing scarf-on-the-arm concept. You know the one: (x). In general I just wanted to challenge myself with bright colors and absolutely no black!!! It's not like I'm a "I only wear black" person, but I often shy away from mixing bright colors. So instead of my usual black ribbon around my waist or gold necklace, I decided to let my dress roam free and my neck sport some color. Just how I imagine Carrie would do. 

Skirt as a Dress - Thrifted    //    Shoes - Old Navy    //   Scarves and Necklace - probably from a flea market


  1. Adore this photography, the dress is so perfect for it, also love the concept of challenging yourself to not wear black, perhaps something i should try!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'

  2. So gorgeous. These images look like they should be in an editorial xx

    Jac Fleurant

  3. So pretty, your dress looks like a hibiscus <3


  4. I love that you've styled your skirt as a dress! How creative!


  5. Such a lovely look!