Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Girl Who Lived in a Tree

I've been sick for the last two weeks. I laid in bed for a long time, lost a lot of motivation and inspiration. I mustered up my energy to drive down LA for an interview for a clothing company internship. I am not sure I want the position. I want to move forward but, to somehow positively(??) use Professor Umbridge's words, "progress for progress's sake must be discouraged." I don't mean I don't want to make progress, but I don't want to trick myself into doing something I don't feel passionate about because I feel like I need to be doing anything at all. I think I want to see what else will come around and get back to what makes me tick and what makes me excited. I got out Love Looks Not with the Eyes, Anne Deniau's book of photographs from backstage at Alexander McQueen's shows. It reminded me of the reason I first considered fashion as an interest and moreso as a career: his Fall 2008 collection entitled "The Girl Who Lived in a Tree". I saw this collection in a Vogue editorial. This feature made me dream far beyond any had made me before. I was instantly in love with Alexander McQueen and the possibilities of fashion and art.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015


I don't know which way to grow. I don't know I don't know.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Whiting Ranch

I want to explore more. 
My mom got me hiking boots for Christmas. I am so excited to go on more hikes.
This was one I took in Orange County with my boyfriend. The main trail led to another trail that led to Red Rock Canyon. It was insanely beautiful to see how water has formed these pathways through the rocks. 
I can't wait to go back and do a proper shoot there. These were all taken with an iPhone 5 and edited in VSCO. Again, my username on VSCO is Nibinquiel.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Roundup + 2015 Thoughts

I wasn't going to do a New Years post. I came down to my boyfriend's parents' house and brought in the new year with his family and terrible spiked punch. I wanted the new year to pass peacefully in the midst of a lot of anxiety. But then I thought perhaps I should look back and reflect. 
I put together my favorite outfits of the year. I often forget that my blogging experience always started as an outfit blogger and that it is perfectly reasonable to show how I style myself. I have been thinking a lot about the importance of style and fashion (amidst many long confusing thoughts about life and my goals and everything terrible like that) and I really just go in circles about whether it is horribly superficial or wonderfully empowering and transformative. I have decided that it really depends on what your motives are when working in fashion. I like to create. I love telling visual stories through clothing. That has always been why I wanted to work in fashion. It is very easy to get caught up in the empty, easy side of fashion. But I like styling that takes a little more thought, a little more challenge. After working in fashion this year and becoming more active in blogging, I still think this is worth while. I think self-expression and creation is worthwhile. 
I want to be better at documenting my own self-expression in the next year. I felt rather distant from myself in 2014. There were absolutely wonderful, warm, loving parts of my 2014. But there was also a lot of lost moments, a lot of sadness and emptiness. I am working on accepting that and coming out of it, because sometimes I still don't feel like myself. And so I look back at 2014 with acceptance and an admiration of growth. I look forward to 2015 with hope and happiness for what is to come, even though I have absolutely no idea what that may be. And that's okay.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pictures of Emma Pt. III

I finally finished the rest of my photos with Emma! I gasped when I saw this tree. It was so dark and mysterious so I styled Emma with just a long black piece of fabric acting as a dress to contrast with her skin and blond hair. I love how these turned out. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pink Snow Nails

For as obsessed I am with my nails, I really don't do much to take care of them. I love painting them and I love looking down and seeing long nails on my hands (I love hands in general) but I don't do much for them. So when I was sent some nail tips by the nail polish company Julep (and when I bought my mom a manicure set for Christmas) I actually started to think about how to better take care of my nails. I usually have long matte-painted nails or super sparkly ones (here and here) but I decided I would go for a little subtlety for winter. I cut them a little shorter than usual since they generally just grow long from my neglect. I stole a little of my mom's new cuticle oil, rubbed on some jasmine lotion to improve the overall health of my hands, and got to work on some powdery pink nails.
A note about the books: I have been having many conversations with myself about if I want to pursue a job in fashion and if I will feel fulfilled when doing so. I still don't know the answer, but I decided to consult some of the greats. Grace Coddington's memoir is especially interesting because I think creative direction is really what I would go into.
 So for these nails I used a very light shade of pink polish. It took like 8 coats of that stuff but I finally made it to a really lovely pink base. I then applied a topcoat and pressed the powder onto it. I used this sparkley powder I got from ULTA ages ago and I never knew what it was for but it worked pretty well here, so I must have solved the mystery! I think the key was to just put a copious amount of powder on my fingers, let it dry, and wash my hands so it came off of my fingers and stayed on my nails. I actually really like the result and it seems that it was applied pretty evenly.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Magic

I put on a sparkly and red Christmas outfit and my bro and I played with sparklers. This Christmas has just been so nice. A really great end to a rather tough year. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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