a weird dress thing

Today I was very bored and I decided to go shopping for the first time in a very long time. Should I be shopping after buying a ticket to Paris? No, no I should not. But alas here I am. I found this weird cover-up/dress/long shirt/? thing. At first I was mad that it wasn't a dress and then I was like IM TAKIN THIS TO THE RIVER. And so I did. Arianna was nice enough to take my picture at one of my favorite places in the world.

Dress - F21
Swimsuit - H&M



I liked the light in my bathroom today... these photos are about the only productive thing I've done today. Whoops. I really liked the way my new turquoise jewelry looked with my magenta nails so I paired it with my beloved Band of Outsiders skirt.

Skirt - Band of Outsiders 
 Necklace - House of Harlow via Rocksbox / Ear Climbers - Gorjana via Rocksbox / Bangle - Kendra Scott via Rocksbox 
All other jewelry - H&M


Style Inspo: Maria Elena

I just returned from a week in Southern California for Ian's graduation. We went to Disneyland and ate a lot of food throughout the week and it was great. We aaaaaalsooooo solidified plans that I will be joining him this summer in Paris when he goes for research through UCLA. We are going to hang in Paris for a bit and then do some traveling after--I am hoping for Spain and Greece. 

In thinking about vacationing, I start to think of what to wear. So naturally, for Spain, I jump to Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In general I hate Woody Allen but I can never get over how much I love this movie. It's just so beautiful and Penelope Cruz's Maria Elena is such an inspiration for summer looks. Maria Elena is everything I want to embody for summer: wearing lingerie and sleepwear for sexy breezy looks, big wild hair, paint splatters all over, starting an affair with my ex-husband's new lover. The usual. 

Also, guys, if you have any recommendations for things to do in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, or anywhere in Greece or anywhere in general, I would love to hear. We are trying to map out our travels and ideas would be great. 


the importance of the river

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you pretty much know that any time anyone I love is home, I make them go to the river with me. So this fine Sunday was no different. Arianna and I went off to the river to find a secluded little pool for us to cool off in and talk about life. We talked about the importance of--as cliche as it sounds--"being yourself." It's a thing that is both incredibly hard and incredibly easy. It feels natural to sink into your passions and your beliefs, but you can lose sight of those things in the big bad world. Arianna and I have both transferred schools and taken some time off in between. We love to see new places but that sometimes can take a toll on our ability to hold onto what we know about ourselves. When you are in new environments, it's hard to take that necessary time to remind yourself of who you are and what you need. We are both still figuring out how to balance exploring the world and keeping the things that we hold dear deeply planted in our hearts. 

We came to the conclusion that fun needs to be had. We need to get out of our heads and do some things that make us feel present, on the earth, right in this moment. Life ain't nothing if you aren't laughing and feeling the cool mountain water flowing around you. I love the river for this reason. It all at once feels so monumental and so fleeting. Some of my happiest memories have been at the river and this one will join them. 



I think these are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken of myself for my blog. I'm getting bored of simple "hi I'm a blogger, let me pose here" outfit photos. My favorite fashion blogs are the ones where the blogger looks like she is actually living a real life while being able to capture it beautifully. I want to start taking "real photos" for my blog. I think this will be key to my self-expression and the direction in which I want to move my art and blog. Showing myself the way I am, enjoying the sunshine, feeling comfortable in a tiny tank dress and hat that I bought at the army surplus store. I took these photos in one of the "forts" that I made around my property when I was younger. This one has bottles hanging from the trees and (not pictured) a tire chair and rocks that my friend and I wrote Harry Potter quotes on.

Also noteworthy: this amazing Jenny Bird necklace. I have been working at Rocksbox for two months now and my favorite pieces have been from Jenny Bird. This necklace, called the Illumina Bib Necklace, is the exact kind of statement necklace I can handle. I'm not huge on faux crystals and bright colors in my jewelry, but this one is the perfect amount of boho and industrial. I'm also wearing these baby Sophie Harper studs and Gorjana midi ring from Rocksbox as well. And my favorite snake ring is here too.


half-formed thoughts

One day a while ago I found this gold thread. I wrapped it around my head, took a picture on my iPhone, and forgot about it. Today I saw the thread again and I was like, "hey yeah I'm really bored I will take those pictures." But I think that is becoming a problem. I keep acting on these half-formed thoughts. It's like I can very vividly visualize parts of what I want to create but I don't know what the big picture is. Sometimes I get too worried that I think in sensory moments rather than in words and I won't ever know what the big picture is and I won't ever know what I want to say. 
So I end up taking photos that are warm-ups to what I want later. Because I don't know what I want later. I don't know why I wanted to wrap this gold thread around my head and I don't know how to make it into something that I am proud of. 



i went fishing???

I don't fish and I don't hunt and I don't really like being around people who do. But sadly my own dearest brother has taken up fishing and has been continually asking me if I want to join him out on the boat while he fishes. "It's so pretty out on the lake! It's like The Notebook!" he says. "YOU ARE KILLING FISH," I yell. But then he explains to me that he lets them go after he catches them and they don't have pain sensors in their cheeks so they can't even feel the hooks. So I am going to trust him on that one. 

Last night he invited Ian and I out on the boat to join him where he fishes in our neighborhood. I agreed because I just got a new hat and I wanted to wear it in a proper setting. So out we went, and ooookaaaaaay Curtis, it was beautiful. I got to sit at the front which made me both the coxswain and the anchor-master. (I decided on the terminology here.) We watched the sun go down out on the lake and the water was so calm and beautiful. Just like The Notebook. (Where was Ryan Gosling, then, I wonder.) Curtis didn't catch any fish so yay I didn't have to watch any of them thrash around looking for water. Instead we just rowed around and watched the clouds and it was lovely.  Please enjoy photos of the outfit that warranted Ian to call me Crocodile Dundee, and a beautiful sunset mirrored in a very glassy lake.

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