i went fishing???

I don't fish and I don't hunt and I don't really like being around people who do. But sadly my own dearest brother has taken up fishing and has been continually asking me if I want to join him out on the boat while he fishes. "It's so pretty out on the lake! It's like The Notebook!" he says. "YOU ARE KILLING FISH," I yell. But then he explains to me that he lets them go after he catches them and they don't have pain sensors in their cheeks so they can't even feel the hooks. So I am going to trust him on that one. 

Last night he invited Ian and I out on the boat to join him where he fishes in our neighborhood. I agreed because I just got a new hat and I wanted to wear it in a proper setting. So out we went, and ooookaaaaaay Curtis, it was beautiful. I got to sit at the front which made me both the coxswain and the anchor-master. (I decided on the terminology here.) We watched the sun go down out on the lake and the water was so calm and beautiful. Just like The Notebook. (Where was Ryan Gosling, then, I wonder.) Curtis didn't catch any fish so yay I didn't have to watch any of them thrash around looking for water. Instead we just rowed around and watched the clouds and it was lovely.  Please enjoy photos of the outfit that warranted Ian to call me Crocodile Dundee, and a beautiful sunset mirrored in a very glassy lake.


5 Cool Collage Artists

I really want to start making more collages. I can start that after I stop complaining about all the shit I have to do. For the past few nights I have woken up every hour thinking about all the random things I decided to take on AND WHY DID I DO THAT? But soon this documentary will be over and my hard work will be immortalized at ESPN Films which is something i never thought i would say. I will have written an essay for a magazine which will be very cool. I will have product shots up for Cocoknits. All will be fine. Soon. SOOOON. Until then, I dream about being creative again. Which really does nothing--one just has to jump in and make things. But for now let me share some collage inspiration: 

Photographer Franczuk and collagist Honarvar's collaboration is called The Bad Schoolgirl. In these delicately disturbing works, natural elements have cut their way into Franczuk's soft portraits of young girls. The schoolgirls in the portraits are going about their daily routine, as the distractions of nature and curiosity worm their way into their consciousness. 
From her website: "The human body in synergy with nature, the female figure and the loss of identity are the conceptual basis of her work." Well friends, it's all here in my favorite piece of hers. These first two collages I have shown you, I am realizing now, fall in line with something I have been thinking about: the female body as a thing connected to nature and as something to be feared by men. It's probably my Renaissance painting obsession speaking, but women in art are often shown as anonymous figures to stand for all women and the sin that all women symbolize. Women are portrayed naked and surrounded by nature because they are as dangerous and unknowable as nature. Montoya's works comment on this unfair phenomenon. 

Jokisalo's work focuses on the human experience and play. She deals with aging and stages of life by showing them in playful ways. Her source material comes from old children's books and illustrations, which make for rather eerie settings and characters. She also often uses sewing materials like thread, scissors, and pins in her work to suggest the piecing together of a life.

I first saw this collage on Tumblr and looooved it. I later found out that this is part of Bueno's "Wired" series in which he takes photos of people and deconstructs them and arranges them around a line or two drawn onto his paper. I especially love the way he uses the tape to give the idea that he reconstructed people manually and placed them on a plane that he understands.  

This is part of Perez's "Only Paper" series. Honestly, this one just shows what good old fashioned collage is about: putting things together that could never be in reality. I love the monochrome old photos on a sweeping green landscape over negative space. Very cool.


star stories

I got these beauuuuuutiful ear climbers in the mail today!!! These are the Draco Ear Crawlers from the ále by Alessandra Guest Bartender Collection at Bauble Bar. My goodness I looove them. I had been wanting some constellation-inspired jewelry and I was so excited to find these. Constellations are the most magical things to me because they are basically stories in the stars that people throughout time have created and believed in. Such a beautiful thing. So I amused myself today by painting some of my favorite constellations on my backdrop and taking some photos of my outfit today: jeans and a vest sewn together to make a shirt. 


may day may day

The outfit I've worn for the past two days (don't tell) consists of a cut up men's T-shirt and vintage Ralph Lauren skirt. So comfy and breezy because California is hot as all getout. Also this red lipstick is my first product ever from Nars. It's the Velvet Matte Lipstick in Cruella and I am such a fan. I've just been busy busy working. The documentary is almost wrapped up so that feels pretty good. I need to clean my room and make some things. And it was May Day today! I spent it around my house with the flowers in bloom and Matti's flower shop.


Solange Appreciation Post

It's no secret at all that I am in love with Beyonce. Anytime anything Beyonce happens, people feel the need to talk to me about it, which I'm so down for. But lemme tell ya, Solange has become such an inspiration for me in the last couple years. Her life is so beautiful and colorful, and she seems to be so true to herself. Also--HER HAIR. I love me some Solange, so here is a lot of style and life inspo (especially her wedding and Joshua Tree trip)...


Jenny Bird Collar

I have been wearing this necklace in a lot of my recent posts from my desert adventures. It came in my recent Rocksbox set and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. It's by Jenny Bird, a jewelry designer whose work I am now loving. So Rockbox approached me to talk about them on my blog, and so naturally I looked at their career page somewhere along that journey and I work for them now hahaha. I am a curator at Rocksbox and I put together sets for the girls who sign up! So I can now add that to my weird resume including ESPN Films Researcher, Band of Outsiders Intern, and two-time Movie Theater Popcorn Maker. What a life it's been. But I am really enjoying my time at Rocksbox and it feels nice to have a creative job I can do from home or wherever I happen to be traveling to. 

These are some photos from the last light in my front yard. I'm wearing an Cheap Monday old dress that I throw on when I want to feel breezy over one of my favorite Victoria's Secret bralettes. The necklace and bracelet are from Rocksbox!

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