A Modern Marie

I've been thinking about play; about how fashion has always been a way for me to dabble in other personas, to play dress up of both body and mind. I've also missed doing self-portraits. Ian has been so lovely in taking my photos so often, but I really do enjoy the process of taking my own photos for this blog, even if they are a little off-kilter or look too much like they were taken with a tripod. Self-portraiture is a way for me to check in with myself because it's just me and the camera--I'm running between my chosen spot and the tripod (even more today because my remote died). It's quite cathartic; everything but my immediate surroundings and my own feeling of existence just fades away. 

Today I reached for this fun velvety shirt and this collar I made while I was home. They reminded me of Marie Antoinette, or rather, the characters that I have seen her become in the public eye. I've actually read a few Marie Antoinette biographies and of course I adore the Sophia Coppola film, if only for the delicious visuals. Marie Antoinette is the epitome of privileged white girl, I suppose, but there is something so mournful that I have always found in her character. She was a young girl thrust into high society and away from her family. I imagine her spending a lot of time alone, trying to pass the time while absolutely nothing is expected of her (for better or worse). So today I honor her with a pink color she would have loved, some unnecessary frills, and a collar--which, now that I think of it, seems almost like a reference to a guillotine. 


  1. Love love love - I feel like I could swap for your wardrobe and be very very happy and at home in it.
    Also fun fact! Apparently I'm related to Marie Antoinette? Through multiple marriages and not necessarily by blood, but someone did a family tree once and she was on there!

    1. Oh gosh thank you! And whaaaaaat that's so cool! V jealous.

  2. I know exactly what you mean by self portraiture. I don't have a remote or a tripod so I always have to be extra creative when taking them, but I really do enjoy it.
    These photos are perfect, I love how moody and atmospheric they are.
    erin | words and pictures