Portland Pirate

 I don't know if that is really an accurate title. These pants feel vaguely pirate-y to me, maybe? But also they are just kind of chic, loose flares. I just pride myself in being able to look like a pirate. I dug this crop top out of my closet at home and I am again reminded that it is so much easier (and cheaper) to make my own clothes, even if it just means cutting the arms off something. I have hands, why not use them? Also loving these hoops from Rocksbox and as usual my hair in a bun because I hate dealing with it. I had a lot of fun editing these photos, I piled a lot of old film filters on them to make them look aged and I like it a lot. 

My boyfriend was kind enough to take these pictures of me at our Airbnb in Portland. We went on an Oregon road trip after I graduated and it was magical and full of waterfalls. The next few posts will be a lot of Oregon so get ready kids. The forest is coming.
Pants - Vince Camuto
Shirt - DIY
Shoes - Vera Wang
Earrings - a. v. max via Rocksbox
Use "nibinquielxoxo" for a free month of Rocksbox!


  1. Love these trousers they look fab! :)


  2. You look divine.
    I agree with taking scissors to clothing, it's one of my favourite hobbies to completely destroy clothing...

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