Ian and I spent the Fourth of July at his parents' house. We BBQ'd and taught his parents beer pong and watched fireworks! Ian was kind enough to take photos of my outfit, as he has gotten very good at doing. He wishes for me to start crediting him so here you go my love. I am wearing a dress I made, which you can probably tell. These off-the-shoulder numbers are everywhere and I love them, but they always seem so easy to make. They are basically just tubes of fabric and some elastic, so I was like "WELL I CAN DO THAT." So I did! The fabric is a bit heavy and I still might trim the length, but I like it overall. And yet again wearing a ribbon as a choker because no one, I repeat NO ONE, should be buying strips of solid fabric for actual money from Topshop when you can just get some ribbon for 99 cents. I have strong feelings about this. Anywho please enjoy some photos in which I rather effectively hide my horrendous sunburn I got from wearing a neckline like this and also my guest model Mowgli the cocker spaniel puppy. I should really just include dogs in all my posts, right?

A note on "Independence Day": I generally think of the Fourth of July as a celebration of summer, family, and friends. I rarely connect it to America these days because to be quite honest, I'm not super proud to be an American a lot of the time. This country can be very very fucked up and recently it has felt downright frightening. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are weighing heavy on my heart and many others'. I hope our country can wake up and change very soon. It's hard to know what to say in times like these and I'm sure me posting about it on my blog of like 100 mostly-non-American followers doesn't help much, but all I can think to say is Black Lives Matter.

Dress - Handmade
Sandals - Old Navy
Photos by Ian!!!!


  1. You made that dress?! I haven't made anything in years, also, totally hear you on the choker thing (Y).
    You look lovely as always :)

    violent silences

    1. I feel like it's so easy a lot of the time to go out and buy these simple pieces but the cheaper they are the less friendly they are socially and environmentally so I try to DIY what I can. Plus there is a feeling of accomplishment that I crave...hahaha. But you should get back into it! It's quite a nice feeling.

      Thank you!

  2. I love your blog so much! Like your photos are all the outfits are gorgeous. Worth a follow from me xx


  3. Beautiful dress!! :) I like it! Great post and photos!! Have a nice day!! :)

  4. You made this?! Wow! You are so talented... I would buy this in a heartbeat

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  5. Woaah, such a pretty dress!! And aaaargh the dog is super cute I wanna stroke his soft ears. The happenings in America are really upsetting to read about, but right now I have no faith in my own country either. It's all one big mess... xx

  6. amazing handmade dress, looks very comfy! :)
    Adorable pictures with your puppy in the sunset.

    Jade -

  7. This dress is simply stunning then I saw: HANDMADE !!!! Wow, good job !
    You're so right about simple chokers, the price is insane. Got most of mine from ebay for 1 or 2€ but a ribbon is a good idea, especially since you can find velvet ones too.


  8. So beautiful!