Details: Red and Silver

Okay y'all I wanna be a good blogger now. I can do it. I am excited about many things like travel, photography, clothes, makin stuff, writing, etc. I don't want my posts to feel so random. I want this space to feel curated and edited. I think I'll start a new little section called "Details" because sometimes it's the little things that make an outfit (or sometimes I don't feel like getting out my damn tripod). This might be a reflection of how I feel lately...people keep asking me "Well what are your plans now that you've graduated?" To which I respond, "Pls stop, I have no plans." Because I don't really...I just want to focus on the little moments and details and maybe a big picture will come together. For instance, this red slip dress I bought from Express filled a void: I felt I didn't have a solid slip dress so I got one. I rarely wear silver so I wore some. Not big accomplishments, but as they say, "it's the little things." 

 SLIP DRESS - Express 
NECKLACE - Vintage from my Gram
RING - Vintage from my Gram
HANDCHAIN - Kendra Scott via Rocksbox
KNOT CUFF - Jill Michael via Rocksbox 
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