Dangerous Woman Looks

I haven't posted an outfit in a while and I'm not sure this is really an outfit either. It's more like a tunic...without pants. I love the low neck and the high slit on this sweater from Zara. It's actually really comfortable and I've been laying around in it all day. I paired it with a gorgeous druzy necklace from Robyn Rhodes, a designer I was introduced to through my yob at Rocksbox.

When I posted a while ago about my photos from Valentine's Day (in which I wore a bodysuit in the desert) I talked about how I had been feeling like I shouldn't post things that revealed my body too much. That's not really a belief I have in my real life, but for some reason I had been really scared about posting pictures of myself that are a little more *sensual* or however you want to put it. But I'm realizing more and more that like...I'm 23...if I'm not gonna be proud of my body now then I'm gonna be very disappointed when I'm older and don't have the body I have now. Also the other part about being 23: I'M A GROOOOOWN WOMAN. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT. (Beyonce lyrics duh). It's my body and I can be excited about myself in clothes that make me feel good if I want. 

I think I was averse to posting "selfies" (and therefore outfit photos/etc. on my blog) because I was worried they didn't have enough substance. But I often forget that I don't just love fashion because I like to "look good". I love fashion because it gives me a chance to wear art. How amazing is that? I get to put beautiful things on my skin and prance around in them. What's more is that I rarely wear things just because they are trendy or "cute". I wear things because they evoke a strong emotion for me. And that's very important, I think. It takes clothes out of the superficial and into the personal. In the case of this sweater, I felt that it was the perfect piece to express how I have been feeling lately. It's a little dark and gloomy, but it has that element of "danger". About all I have been doing lately is write about dangerous women of the past--in my thesis and beyond. So I love these photos because they translate my work into my self. And that, my friends, is the power of clothing.
Tunic Sweater - ZARA // Necklace - Robyn Rhodes 


  1. I feel the same :) I'm also 23 and clothing is expressing my feelings ^^ I love art and clothes and wearing clothes to express myself. You look beautiful and your dark look is amazing! Love to see more :D

  2. Hun, for a woman to feel good in her own skin is a revolution in itself. We're constantly bombarded with stuff that tells us, we're not good enough if we are a certain way, if we don't have the latest must-have in beauty or trends. I think in this cacophony for you to feel great is a reason for celebration :) I get told that my outfit posts are frivolous but i think styling and experimenting with colours is art in everyday life :) Also I love these indoor photos! I need to be able to take indoor photos in winter..

    1. This message is so sweet, thank you so much.

  3. Hell yes! On every level!
    I have completely similar conflicted thoughts and feelings about outfit photos - I feel a little vain, I feel a little too concerned with how I look, a little too wrapped up in myself. But man do I LOVE putting together an outfit that just makes me feel like ME. And I love wearing clothes that mean something - the shorts someone gave me, the shirt I wore through Europe, the shorts I wore on a first date. Little pieces of me that maybe seem materialistic but are really part of some memories for me, nonetheless!

    Love this dress on you and all these photos are so lovely!

  4. You look incredible and this dress is gorgeous!! x


  5. Ugh yes girl you look so on point, such a babe! I love this post too, outfit posts can definitely feel slightly narcissistic but I agree that they're a great way to show a part of yourself and the creativity that goes into fashion and creating looks! X