Makers: Cocomont Vintage Shop

So I want to make this "Friends Who Make Things" a feature on my blog. Because there ain't nothin better than celebrating people doing what they love and being creative and wonderful. 
And let me tell you, Matti and Ben of Cocomont Vintage Shop are wonderful. I met Matti at the best summer camp in the world about four years ago. She was the Improv instructor and I took the class because why not ( I was terrible at it.) I met Ben soon after and since then they have been some of the most inspiring creative forces in my life. One of the reasons I love coming home so much is to run around and take pictures with them. 
These two have awesome style and a great eye. They collect the coolest vintage stuff and sell it on their Etsy store. They house their collection at Matti's mom's flower shop. Cocomont is also an awesome styling team for events and weddings. 
We did a fun shoot and I took some photos of them doing their vintage thing. 


  1. They seem so fun and they have that "fun people" around them, even in pictures. These are keepers, for sure :)


  2. Um, why am I just learning there's such a thing as adult summer camp? That sounds ah-mazing. Also, their vintage shop looks so fun! I just took a peek at their Etsy and I can see what you mean about them having a great eye- I want everything. I'm always so in awe of vintage shop owners. That seems like SUCH a fun job but I can't imagine how hard it is to move merchandise and to hustle. A big round of applause to them :)

    xo marlen
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  3. Really great idea for a new series! Your friends seem to have a great shop and seem like they would be really fun to hang out with, juding from these pictures!

    rae of love from berlin

  4. how fun x