like a lady

Maddy said to me, "You look very safari." I was kind of going more for cool lady who wears men's clothes and goes on adventures...which I guess could be safari-esque. Okay but secret time: I was really thinking about Catriona in Penny Dreadful. I'm sorry for the reference point--this blog honestly gets nerdier with every post, but I just finished Penny Dreadful a few days ago. I watched the whole series in like five days. It was so good and I don't really know how I hadn't watched it before this. 
Okay anyways, the point is I wanted to look like a badass slightly steampunk vampire hunter...probably didn't necessarily achieve that but I like this outfit nonetheless. I wore it out to Apple Hill with my friends. (Apple Hill is a region in my hometown made up of orchards and pumpkin patches. It's basically a fall dream.) It was a gorgeous day and made the world feel like October. Finally! 

Outfit details:
Sleeveless Trench--SheIn // Overalls -- Madewell // Boots -- Madewell // Scarf -- Vintage
Cuff -- Madewell // Necklace -- my childhood closet? // Sunglasses -- Garrett Leight