Cabinet of Curiosity I

I do inspiration posts sometimes, but I want to call it something better. The thing I like about the internet is, obviously, having access to many things and being able to share them back. I think of my online spaces as "collections" or the Renaissance-era cabinets of curiosities (wunderkammers, for those in the know). That's why I love blogging and Pinterest and Tumblr and whatever--because I can record and reflect on my findings in the big world. I was just looking through an old blog (the one I began with when I was 15) and it feels like this incredible time capsule. When I look at the images I saved there, I think of exactly how I felt at that time in my life. In awe, and sort of scared. I want to re-capture that in my life now. I want to be scared and feel things deeply. I think that comes from finding out what you connect with, even if they are vague "vibes" from a pretty bra or photo. So without further ado, my new Cabinet of Curiosities collections.

  1. First up is the fucking flawless A.W.A.K.E SS16 collection (x). The dramatic lighting with amazing silhouettes is sooooo my fucking aesthetic oh my god.
  2. The most beautiful tattoo I've ever seen by Baylen Levore (x). I probably wouldn't get a tattoo this large, but if I did it would absolutely be something like this. Triple Goddess importance. 
  3. A beautiful bra from For Love and Lemons (x) will always make me a happy gal.
  4. Okay but this is where I am bragging: I lived out a serious dream. I wrote an article about Renaissance witch art for Lone Wolf Magazine (x). This topic has been an obsession of mine for five years now and I was lucky enough to have a platform on which to express that. I am so grateful to Lone Wolf for the opportunity and I encourage y'all to check out the magazine because it is GORGEOUS. 
  5. Dreaming of road trips to the Bisti Badlands, New Mexico.
  6. Inspired by Koo Bohnchang's work for Vogue Korea (x) which reminds me to look for the strange things and work them into my art. There is no time to be boring, make it different and a little haunting.
  7. Just doing my duties as a person who works for a jewelry retailer--studying jewelry trends. Currently loving gorgeous Calder-inspired pieces by Faris (x) and bold statement pieces by Kendra Scott (x).


  1. This is such a nice inspiration compilation...especially love the tattoo but we'd never be gutsy enough to get it!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Beautiful inspiration post. The road trip photo is absolutely stunning. I'm dying to do a long one out west as well!


    Looks by Lau

  3. congrats on the article! i've not had time to read it yet, but will do that now! xx