Inspiration: Michaela Knivoza

Oh man, I've been feeling all kinds of inspired lately. I am working on an article for a magazine I really love, so that's exciting. Also been doing my reading for my Honors Thesis, which is kind of working under the theme of "Dangerous Women in the Works of Hieronymus Bosch." But we will see how that morphs as time goes by and I do more research. Amongst school and writing, I haven't found much time for photography, but I am working on it. I found the most inspiring photographer lately: Michaela Knivoza. I wanted to share her work on my blog so as to inspire myself to make work in a similar vein as hers. I am entranced. 

The following and above images are from her series 'Saints Without Name' and 'The Healing of Saint Sebastian.' Especially since I have been learning more about the Christian saints in all my research, these photographs really call to me. They portray the same kind of mystery that I have found in reading about biblical figures. Growing up, I was interested in Greek mythology and fairytales, but I had no idea about the fascinating characters in the New and Old Testaments alike. That is something I have really enjoyed about my education, especially in Renaissance art: I feel like I have been let in on a secret I wouldn't have had exposure to otherwise. 

Her series 'Agast Atera En' is a fantastic collection of photos taken around Europe in which she combines landscape and body to create new mythologies. They are a little disturbing, a little strange, and very beautiful. 

Her courageous use of self-portraiture really strikes me. I think I've lost a bit of my confidence in taking self-portraits. Or maybe I've gotten tired of my face. I think my self-portraiture works a lot better when I obscure myself in some way. Not like, take away my face or anything--but a lot of times I end up taking pictures of myself with my same makeup routine and I just feel like I look too much like myself and not like the idea I am trying to explore. 

Things to think about.

Anyways, Michaela Knivoza has made a lasting impression on me and I hope for you as well. 

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