My Work: Selene

I got out my Homeric Hymns book from my freshman year Classic Literature class. I was looking for the Artemis passages because something happened last night that made me feel like I should be looking to her. I didn't love the hymns about Artemis--they focused on her as a hunter more than as a woman. As I was closing the book I found the hymn for Selene and decided that was what I had been looking for. So I shall post it here with a collage I made a while ago. 

32. Hymn to Selene

Sing next of the long-winged Moon,
Muses skilled in song, melodious daughters
of Kronion Zeus. From her immortal head in heaven
rays whirl over the earth, deep beauty rises
in her brilliant light. The dusky air glows
from her golden crown, moonbeams linger,
when shining Selene bathes her lovely skin
in Ocean, slips into a dress of infinite radiance,
yokes her luminous colts, necks arching high,
and swiftly drive the glossy horses on
in evening at midmonth. Her great orbit full,
as she waxes, the rays from heaven grow brightest.
Then she is a wonder and a sign for mortals.
Once the son of Kronos mingled in love with her;
she conceived and bore Pandeia, a daughter
lovely beyond measure among deathless gods.
Hail, gracious Queen, white-armed, radiant Selene,
goddess with lush braids.


  1. I'm in love with constellations, there's something so magical looking at them... Your photo made me want to click in this post and you know what's funny? My name is Artemis! The same Artemis, Goddess of hunting you're talking about! But in the blogworld I use the latin translation which is Diana as it's easier to pronounce and understand for my universal readers!

    Your post made me really happy! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  2. I can't help but being so fascinated when I see pictures and text about constellations. There is something so deep and mysterious about them, like they were going to tell so many stories, and they add this special sparkle in the sky at night... <3

    Love your text and the picture, both amazing and inspiring !

    cheers !