Favorite Photos of 2015

I'm not going to do a 2016 goals post. I just want to love, explore, learn, and create. Same as every year. I do want to make a post looking back on 2015. It was quite a beautiful year. It was challenging, exciting and weird. I started school at UCLA and and moved in with my love at a little house in West Hollywood. I worked on an ESPN film, I wrote for some magazines, I started styling at Rocksbox. I went to Joshua Tree, Utah, Paris, London, Spain, and Switzerland. Not too shabby, I think. Along the way, I took some photos I really love. I hope to take more photos I am proud of in 2016. But for now, here's my 2015 favorites.

1. Arianna at the River
2. Hanna on July Fourth
3. Salvation Mountain at Sunset
4.  Ace Hotel for Paper Mixtape Magazine
5. Ben's Hands After Gardening
6. Self-Portrait in the Middle of Summer
7. Bryce Canyon at Sunset
8. The Love of my Life in Nerja
9. Me at the Entrance to Bryce Canyon
10. Hanna in her Backyard

Thanks for stickin' with me and I'll see ya in 2016!


  1. Oh these photos are stunning! There's so rich in history. Here's to another year of incredible photos <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


  2. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the sparklers x


  3. Absolutely gorgeous images. Very inspiring! The last one is my absolute favorite xx thank you for sharing!

    Jac Fleurant

  4. Great photos! I had a brief ride through your year. Wish you even better 2016! Cheers!


  5. Such beautiful photos! My favourites are the theatre one and the one above with the beautiful sky and rocks. Hope you had a wonderful New Year, happy 2016! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  6. i've missed you and your blog while i've been away! it sounds like 2015 has been a good year overall for you and i hope you'll make 2016 even a better one! and this is a lovely collection of photos:-) xx

  7. What a beautiful blog and pictures and everything! and yeao love, explore, learn, and create is the most beautiful thing we can do everyday!

    Moth And Poppy

  8. Beautiful photos, your blog is amazing, I'm so glad I discovered it now! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  9. Wow these are all amazing! The last one is perfect, the placement of the leaf over her face is just so intriguing! Great job!