London Part II

I think one of the reasons we love London so much is because we really appreciate green spaces in big cities. We fell in love in Hyde Park after all. So on day 3 of London, we ventured out to Hampstead Heath--somewhere we wanted to go the entire time we were in London last time but never went. It was gorgeous. Grassy plains and forests as far as the eye can see. We loved stumbling upon flower and raspberry patches and getting ice cream and tea in front of the Kenworth House.

Upon leaving the park, I was much too excited to learn that we were very near John Keats' house in London. So naturally we had to go there. We didn't do the full tour but we enjoyed looking at the garden, taking sneaky peaks into his rooms, and reading about the tree under which he wrote Ode to a Nightingale.

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing my favorite tourist-y things. We visited the beautiful Fortnum and Mason for some scones and to marvel in the many many things I would buy involving cookies and tea towels. We also hit up Liberty of London just because the decor kills me and I can't help but be inspired there. 

Our evening ended with Thai food and then an accidental walk through Chinatown to get to my favorite thing in London (after the Peter Pan statue) Big Ben. A beautiful day indeed.

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