Muses: Maria Elena

I just returned from a week in Southern California for Ian's graduation. We went to Disneyland and ate a lot of food throughout the week and it was great. We aaaaaalsooooo solidified plans that I will be joining him this summer in Paris when he goes for research through UCLA. We are going to hang in Paris for a bit and then do some traveling after--I am hoping for Spain and Greece. 

In thinking about vacationing, I start to think of what to wear. So naturally, for Spain, I jump to Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In general I hate Woody Allen but I can never get over how much I love this movie. It's just so beautiful and Penelope Cruz's Maria Elena is such an inspiration for summer looks. Maria Elena is everything I want to embody for summer: wearing lingerie and sleepwear for sexy breezy looks, big wild hair, paint splatters all over, starting an affair with my ex-husband's new lover. The usual. 

Also, guys, if you have any recommendations for things to do in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, or anywhere in Greece or anywhere in general, I would love to hear. We are trying to map out our travels and ideas would be great. 

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  1. Oh how I love this movie, and especially the character of Maria Elena!