wine country

Leeza and I were hilariously planning a huge road trip to Oregon that was shrunken down to a day trip in Napa. Which was totally lovely and we ate incredible amounts of food. We met up at the Model Bakery in St. Helena and had muffins and hot chocolate and bought a baguette. We then went to Sattui Winery and tasted wines and pretended to know how to describe them. We bought amazing brie cheese and bruschetta at the winery and ate it on the grounds outside with our baguette. Then I demanded a small chocolate from Woodhouse Chocolate in the town of St. Helena. I think the name of the chocolate was Heart of Darkness, which is what I have heheheh. We went in search of a winery that looked like a castle after that. One was closed, but this one was not. It is called Castillo de Amarosa and it is quite the place. Mostly we liked the goat that visited us. Then we went back into town to get tea, then went to Tra Vigne for dinner. I got a massive appetizer for my main entree that I didn't realize would be massive but it was hella good. Then we went to downtown Napa where I got a mini cupcake and ice cream. So really it's a miracle my stomach isn't splitting open. I am actually considering going on a run to work all of that off. (But I won't).
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This post features a beautiful pink fairy skirt from free people and a hand-painted flower shirt / a subtle outfit change / a crazy winery/castle with sheep and peacocks and very friendly goats / an obsession with food.
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  1. fantastic photos!!!
    Emma xx

  2. 1. YOUR SKIRT. Holy moly do I want it. It looks so fairy-esque! I would feel amazing in something like that, haha.
    2. How the heck did your trip get cut down to a day?! Haha that's pretty extreme, though it sounded absolutely fabulous. It was like a food tour- just tastiness after tastiness. I also appreciated all the hot chocolate and sweets involved ;)
    3. Definitely laughed out loud imagining you trying to discern the different tastes of wine. My friends and I do that, too- "Am I getting a hint of...grapes?"

    xo marlen
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  3. this sounds like a perfect little day trip! i've never been to a wine tasting situation, but it sounds like it's right up my alley and an opportunity for me to act all pretentious, haha:--) your skirt is gorgeous! and how cute is that wee goat! xx

  4. what a nice little trip! :) Your skirt is BEAUTIFUL! I love the color of it.