random nyfw favorites

1. Hellessy
OH MY GOD the things I would do to live in this collection. These pieces are so dramatic but so very live-able. I have a unspoken rule about the kind of things I wear: I need to feel like I can kill a man in them. These looks would definitely drag on the ground a bit, but they seem move-able and downright powerful. I suppose the lethal feeling also comes from the fact that the collection was inspired by Dracula. The styling is really what brings the looks to a serious level of badassery. Sleek hair showing off hard metals on the ears and a polished dark lip add to the drama. 

2. Jonathan Simkhai
This presentation was texture-heavy. The sheer and cut-out trends have been popular for a while now, but I feel the surface detail is really what make these pieces more special. I love how veiny it all looks, whether those be human veins on the first or leafy veins on the second look.

3. Tia Cibani
I just spent a good while staring at these trying to figure out why I love them. And then, lo ho ho, I got it: they remind me of the incredible animated film Anastasia. Victorian looks in a weirdly deserted luxury hotel. Yesssss. It's a photographer's deram. Or mine at least. I love the distance the viewer feels from this mysterious but very young girl in velvet. It's almost like she never left this hotel. And also her hair is an amazing bird nest.

4. Kaelen
This one just made me so happy. The stripes remind me of Mary Poppins (are you getting that my fashion choices tend to stem from films?) and the silhouettes are feminine and easy. Everything is extremely well-tailored. Sometimes it is just nice to find well-made pieces that will do the talking for you.

5. Kanye West x Adidas Originals
Whoops I did it. I went and chose Kanye to talk about. I generally don't know what I think about Kanye. I am amused by his ego but I think he actually does have something different to offer to the world. I like his music. I don't understand how he is a father(???). His style (and Kim's) is mostly on point. I am not cool with the wave of shit-talking directed at Beck because of his Grammy rants. I will forever think Beyonce deserves every award, but like Beck is rad, too, Kanye, calm down. I still feel Kanye's point, but he can be pretty brash and disrespectful and it is very off-putting. So I tend to just be neutral towards Kanye and watch him do the thing he clearly loves most: creating. Therefore, enough on the Kanye commentary and on to his collaboration with Adidas. 
There is something so intriguing about this collection. What drew me to it initially were all the tights. Why is everyone enveloped in nylon? It's the thinnest possible protection. But that is what makes all the bodies so alien and uniform. It's like normcore that has gone through an otherworldly war. He cited the military and the London riots as inspiration, hence the eerie presentation and war-torn sweats. I guess when you mix violence with fashion--namely sportswear-- you get this disturbing child army. And this is the strange paradox about Kanye. He has created this unsettling visual piece and then goes off to gift his shoes to Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. I dunno, man. It's so weird, but I love it.


  1. You've picked out some stunning pieces, not sure about Kanye West's collection but love all of the others x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. super amazing. sooo obsessed x


    Natalie Off Duty

  3. the first one was the best! thanks for this post, nice text and nice pictures! :)
    you know that i love your blog!
    xx, Flora

  4. Woah LOVE the first set you've chosen, they're really cool. Also love the way her hair is styled for Tia Cibani, she looks so elegant! xxx

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  6. omg what an amazing selection! love it



  7. These outfits are beautiful and I am glad to be here.
    Thanks for sharing "random nyfw favorites"

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