ah yes, a jumpsuit

I saw this jumpsuit at Cocomont Vintage Shop and fell in love. Matti and Ben were nice enough to let me take it home. It had huge shoulder pads, which my body just can't handle. Suddenly my shoulders are wider than my hips and then just all of me looks huge. So no to the shoulder pads, they had to go. But YES to this jumpsuit. It is a challenging piece, but I had a lot of fun styling it with a lot of gold and these booties. 
Be sure to check out Cocomont Vintage Shop and the shoot I did of them!


  1. 1. I hate that you're sleeveless right now. I literally have two hoodies on.
    2. That jumpsuit is *hot*. I love the saucy little sailor collar
    3. Awesome move pairing it with all that gold. I love how it added interest to the clean lines of the look
    4. I totally remember that post you did on them! Such a fun pair :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Aw thanks so much! They are great humans haha.
      I'm sorry about the cold, I would switch with you! Maybe only for a few days, but the sentiment is there! Hhaahaha.

  2. Love the jumpsuit, it looks really great on you! <3 and I love how you paired it with gold accessories.

  3. Jumpsuits are made the accessories you pair them with! The gold and the boots work perfectly together

  4. the jumpsuit is amazing! looks great on you:-) jumpsuits in general are the best thing, or at least one of the best things. xx