Realizing there is so much in the world and getting overwhelmed.

I'm just getting SO OVERWHELMED OVER HERE because really the world is so beautiful and there is so much happening and people are making things and being wonderful. So I am gonna list some beautiful things here. 
Also this is my 100th post and I think it's very fitting that I did it on such a spontaneous subject and out of pure excitement.

1. Tim Walker always in my heart.
2. BEAUTIFUL song by Vicktor Taiwo
4. Incredible performance I just stumbled upon
6. St. Vincent is touring and I'm gonna see her next month and I'm gonna die.
7. Currently watching Harold and Maude


  1. That photoshoot by Tim Walker makes my heart stop a lil, I know that sounds really over the top but it's just so stunning!? How can something look so good?? AHH It takes my breath away. There's so many new things here I've never heard of/seen before so thankyou for sharing.

  2. Ahaha I have days like that and they're simultaneously incredible and tinged with the sudden and strange fear that dying will somehow make all this joy never have existed. But mostly incredible!

    belle + compass

  3. i love it when people get excited and passionate about things in this way:-) this is a lovely list of things! and just to let you know, i nominated you for the liebster award if you fancy doing it! (http://livedlovedlaughedcried.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/liebster-award.html) xx