Scribblings and Reflections

DID YOU SEE HOW I MADE THE TITLE REALLY CLEVER TO GO WITH THE PHOTOS I AM POSTING? I'm so clever wow, be impressed with me. In this post: my new pictures with Kylie that I am in love with aaaaand reflections and scribblings about the past year of life. Here we go!
The past year has been a rather crazy one. I brought in the New Year with my best friends and then went back to UC Santa Cruz for my fifth quarter before taking a leave of absence to figure out where I wanted to go with my education. Leaving school was emotional and scary but I knew it would be for the best. I turned 20 in April which felt really good actually. Soon after, my favorite person in the whole world, my grandmother, passed away. Dealing with that was very painful but also very beautiful, in a way, because I realized how lucky I was to have such a wonderful person be such a huge part of my life. I miss her every day, but I really do feel her love around me as I have moved on. Right after that, I started working at a movie theater and took about 7 months at home. Coming home was very important to me, I think. I have always loved the small town that I grew up in, but returning to it after being away for a while was truly comforting. I was able to re-ground myself in the things that are important to me. In July and August I went on a Study Abroad trip to London which was just incredible and made me hungry for travel and for London in general. In November I found out that I got into a school in Southern California and will be moving there in February to finish my undergraduate studies there. I am hoping it will be a great fit for me, ALSO IT'S RIGHT BY DISNEYLAND. 
This year I have explored what art means to me in ways I hadn't considered before, and that is very exciting to me. With this has come explorations in photography and other art mediums, as well as personal style. I have considered fashion as a way to claim my femininity and my body, which I think was also a big theme of my year. With 2014, I hope to continue with these ideas and to discuss them with others as well. 
I don't really make resolutions, instead I just want to have my next year be about doing what feels right and doing some things that scare me but I know will be good for me and others. 
Happy New Year everyone!

Love, Jenna 


  1. Amazing pictures, it's really a beautiful and artistic way to portray a naked body!! Beautiful thoughts ;) Happy New Year sweety!! kisses


  2. wishing you all the best for 2014! i'd love to go to southern california! i say it'd be a dream :) x

  3. Amazing !!

  4. Really beautiful pictures and overall it sounds like your year has been a great adventure. Happy new year and I hope you have a great one! xxx

  5. Fantastic post!! happy new year!!


  6. Wow so much has happened in your life during the last year! Congratulations for getting into that school & so cool that Disneyland is next to it! Sounds fun!
    Happy New Year, sweetie! :)


  7. The concept for this shoot is so lovely. I can relate to quite a few of these things, like losing a family member and going abroad. And taking a break from university sounds incredibly daunting, but I'm glad you've figured it out. Best of luck in 2014!


  8. You look amaing! Lovin all the pictures its all artistic :D


  9. these pictures are amazing!! truly stunning! how did you do that w/ the markers all over, was it a window? is that a totally dumb question? probably. anyway, i'm glad to have found your blog. that's awesome you were able to explore art more while away from school, and congrats on getting into a diff one. wow, you're young! i'm sorry to hear about your grandma though and sending you a virtual hug because i know that's rough, and hopefully that's not weird since i dont actually know you haha.