Medieval Times

Oh my sweet Jesus I am the actual worst at blogging. 
Okay i just finished my last quarter at school, so now I am home for a few months and I will be able to blog and be online again! I just had to make it through finals which, you know, sucked.

So I was feeling kind of Medieval inspired with my hair and long dress so I thought I would add my chain mail jewelry. I did a shoot of them here. Here are a few photos from the shoot:
Oh and let's not forget this gem:

Dress--F21, Chain Jewelry--Handmade


  1. before you even said medieval I already thought you looked like a badass Guinevere, hahaha! Love it xoxo


  2. I loooooove the shoulder chain! :) You look like you could be a part of the cast of Game of Thrones. :)
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  3. That chain rocks! I want to make one too! You look gorgeous and your hair is so pretty :)