A little outfit post for the end of September. I am gearing up for all the things I want to post in October (I get very enthusiastic about Halloween), but for now I just wanted to document this pretty dress and share some thoughts. First things first, this dress is from Urban Outfitters. I boycotted them for the longest time, then caved when I saw this because I absolutely loved it. Back to boycotting now. But still how I love this dress! I feel like it has some major puritan/peasant apron vibes going on in the front but the back is so sexy and lovely. It's one of those minimal pieces I love to reach for on incredibly hot days like today (seriously what the fuck LA). I usually wear it with my white Tretorns and look sooooo California Girl.
As for the update side of things, I feel like I have been struggling with "what to do next" in my life. I graduated, laid around for a little bit, and now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I feel like I should be looking for a big-girl full-time job, but in truth I have no real interest in the "Social Media Intern" positions in the world. I want to be able to use my brain and creativity on projects that feel right to me and so many of the jobs I am seeing look so bland. On the other end of the spectrum, of course, are the research jobs I so desire in the art history world, but am not qualified for without a Masters Degree. So here I am in the middle. The conclusion I am coming to is that I really should be relishing this time of questioning. I should be taking advantage of the time I have and using it to explore some things I had forgotten. I have been teaching myself new art forms, and dreaming about others like tintype photography and pottery. I am happiest when I am creating, and I really hope that I can arrive at a place where perhaps I can feel confident enough in these passions to want to pursue them "full-time." I know this might be a difficult path, but I am tired of feeling uninspired and like I have let my art fall to the side. It's who I am and I want to embrace it. 

Dress -- Urban Outfitters / Shoes -- Tretorn / Earrings -- a.v. max via Rocksbox
Photos by Greta (thanks bb!)


  1. That dress is really lovely on you! Oh, Jenna. I'm struggling with the same problems myself. I wish you luck — I hope we both get to find what it is we really want to do (and succeed in it)! ♡


  2. Beautiful pictures, well done :)

    xx - Supernat

  3. That dress is badass!
    Graduating as a "Creative" is tough. I almost sucked it up and got a full time admin/receptionist job (AHH) but instead worked various contract jobs, became a part time artist's assistant, and continued working with seniors. Until I decided I knew which job spoke to me most, and that gave me the gusto to figure out further education for it (making art with seniors with dementia). I definitely had some melt downs in between, and was pretty frustrated, in the same ways you're expressing, and I think your frame of mind is exactly where you should be ;) keep making, keep exploring, life will present itself to you and something good will come along :)