For the Love of Flowers

I went home to NorCal this weekend. I wanted to see all the flowers in bloom so I made the seven hour drive with Ian. Oh my god the place is beautiful. I live in LA for now, but I just don't know how long I can deny how much I need to be where the trees and flowers are. Those little white flowers that look like little bells are called Fairy Lanterns and I've only ever seen them where I live. This year there were HUNDREDS of them, and my dad thinks I used magic to grow so many of them. It felt magical...I put a lot of energy into calling upon them and then to see that many was incredible. We also visited a nursery that had at least a thousand calla lilies lining their creek. Ugh it all just felt magical and right. I miss home already. 

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  1. glad you had a lovely little time back home! these photos are beautiful and so are the flowers. i especially like the first one, flowers contrasted against the sky are my favourite. i can't wait for flowers to start blooming here (but that won't be before june)! xxx