St. Valentina

Well, well, well. My Valentine's Day was all that I could wish for and more. Ian and I got up at 4:30, didn't escape LA until 5:30 because of the fucking Los Angeles Marathon, and got to Joshua Tree by 8. We had breakfast at Crossroads Cafe, which is delicious so if you are ever heading J Tree way, I would highly recommend it. (We had Natural Sisters Cafe for lunch and it was equally amazing.) My favorite thing about Joshua Tree is that while there are very cool trails to hike on, you can park your car anywhere in the whole park and set off walking in any direction. Ian and I shot a few sets of photos yesterday: some for a magazine, some for another blog post, and these. These felt really good. I feel like Ian and I are at this magnificent place where I trust him enough to help me make the things I want to make. It takes me a long time to warm up to people taking my picture and I am so happy that I feel secure enough to let him and that he enjoys it and I'm not constantly barking orders at him hehe. I really love him and he makes me feel so calm.

So yeah, I thought about not taking this bodysuit to Joshua Tree. Number one, I had to change into it while we were there--but that is usually totally fine because, like I said, you can wander in this park for miles and see like two people. But number two, I was like "what will I actually do with these pictures?" This is a fairly sheer piece and I never really post things like this. So many of the women I admire are so down to post photos of their body and I have always been a little apprehensive to. But then I was like who caaaaaaaares. Whatever misgivings I had about the way I look or about privacy or whatever are gone. This is how yesterday felt: free and beautiful and natural and I think these photos show that. So I'm really excited to post these. 

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  1. These are STUNNING- you are a beaut!