Okay, I think I'm finally here. I knew I was moving toward not being interested in "fashion blogging" and well here I am. You know--fast fashion, vanity, blahhhhh. I'm just bored of it. I guess I haven't been fashion blogging for a long time now, with all my travel posts lately. But I'm definitely excited to make this a full-on art/photography/travel/life blog. That doesn't mean no more fashion. But it does mean no more H&M and Zara. I'll feature brands I believe in if I think they are producing something awesome. I still love clothes and jewelry--well-made clothes and jewelry that is. I think clothing can absolutely be pieces of art and I have always believed in that. But I want to celebrate those things, not just post pictures of me in a dress I got from Forever 21. I want to focus on bettering my photography and spending time thinking about making art, not outfits to share. 

So with that, here are some photos I feel very strongly about. They are a series that took about 3 months to finish. I didn't really have much of a plan for them, they just feel very much like me. My boyfriend and I spent a long time discussing why we thought I style my photos the way I do and why I often obscure my models' faces and use veils. We came to the conclusion that I am very concerned with personal sexuality in that I believe in the beauty and power (sexual or otherwise) of women, but I like it to belong to them only. There is always some allure or draw to the women in my photographs, but their sexuality is blocked from or unavailable to the viewer. Basically, I am always trying to squash the male gaze while simultaneously encouraging female confidence and power. 

So, I don't know. This series just feels important and it feels like the direction I want to move in. That's a nice thing to know and work from.


  1. these are so fabulous and lovely, and I find your explanation for why you often conceal the face a really interesting take on the very modern/prevalent ideas of women and sexuality and being proud of it but it still being OK for someone to keep their sexuality to themselves or to share it only with lovers.

    I had a really similar epiphany about clothing, and I used to fashion blog with plenty of H&M, Forever 21, Zara, all the big name disposable fashion stores. I've actually taken a year of thrift challenge this year which I have been blogging about (Im on month 11!) where I only buy secondhand, except for a few exceptions like underwear of course. It's been a really interesting challenge!

    1. Hey Katia! Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot! Yeah I mean the big fast fashion stores are fun, but I see no reason to advertise for them. I would much rather support real creativity and well-made items.