a bit more personal

I've been thinking as usual about how to make myself more satisfied with the things I create. I'm thinking the key phrase is "lived-in". I like to take pictures that look like I was actually there, like I actually connected with the person I took a picture of (or the person who took a picture of me). As I've said in a few posts about my outfit photos, I'm bored of glossy fashion. Fashion and personal style are supposed to feel personal. That's why I like it so much, because it is something I feel very close to, and always have. In the same way, that's how I gauge how successful a photo is. Does the person being photographed look like they are actually comfortable? Are they actually present in the photo? It's always been a big priority of mine to give my models agency and make sure they are presented in a way that they give consent to. 
Anyways, maybe these aren't the photos to accompany this speech. They are just silly photos of me and my friends at a local show. I wore my new culotte jumpsuit and we saw an amazing girl named Madi Sipes play. But I like these photos because we look like individuals in them. They aren't just interchangeable photos for any other girl who likes fashion: they are me and my friends. They are special because they come from a life well-lived.


  1. These words resonate so much with me, one of the reasons I blog less and less is that everything just seems to be the same but photos like these truly convey the joy of the moment and I think they're fun :)