Monday Update

I had a fucking crazy weekend. My boyfriend works at the record store that puts on FYF (Fuck Yeah Fest) in LA so I volunteered at the store's tent this weekend. We worked and then got the nights off to go watch the awesome performers. This picture is from Grimes which was crazy. I never really knew if I cared for Grimes that much but her set totally changed my mind. She's a rad girl doing whatever she wants and it was so cool to watch and also dance party. I also saw The Strokes, who I have wanted to see since I was 13 so that was magical. 
But I am SO TIRED. We had to stay at the fest until two in the morning both nights and get up soon after to go back and I had my internship at Band of Outsiders today and I also met a real cool woman who just started a luxury t-shirt brand that I am really hoping to work with. So like. A crazy weekend and day. But I love being this tired after working hard and having fun. And I came home and Trouve Magazine was waiting for me. And candles. And my boyfriend. And Beyonce's VMA performance. So things are really good.

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