i almost live in LA

School got out about two and a half weeks ago. Since then, I have been living with my friend Kathleen, who so generously allowed me to stay in her house in LA so I could start my internships until I move to my apartment. We've been taking some pictures, which I plopped below. 
But speaking of my internships...I have been interning at Band of Outsiders and it has been really amazing and I am loving working in fashion with such a cool brand.
Living in LA has been awesome and I know I am going to love it so much more than Orange County. I really wasn't made for that. I go home (back to Northern California) this weekend and then I move to LA officially with my own apartment (with roommates) and everything! 
Things are lookin' up.

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  1. glad you're enjoying LA! band of outsiders is a great company to work for x