Playing dress-up...

Ya know I just wanted to share some pictures of my new skirt.
Plus I have been thinking about why I love fashion and art in general and here is what I have come up with. I just love that you can just create something--be it an outfit, a painting, a photo, a film, whatever--and it can transport you into a different world. This is awesome for me because I love storytelling and I love fantasy so I can feel like I am in a really cool place or living a totally different life just by changing my outfit. Not that I want a different life. It's just cool to have that ability.
Anyways, photos now of an outfit I wore around pretending I was a princess or something.


  1. Stunning :) I know exactly what you mean about the creation thing - making out a new world out of words, style or art gives me such a rush. It saves my sanity sometimes too, being able to remix and combine things into something that describes my dream-world, or something that I feel. Makes life so much fun :)


  2. Love the skirt. So whimsical. The bustier is a perfect touch.